When revisiting the Manga section 1.5 years later feels like 15

Not the one I was in, but I hope you get how I’d be nervous

It’s the first weekend of 2021’s May. It has been nearly a year and a half since I’ve set foot into a bookstore, a Barnes & Noble in this case. Even though I walk in fully vaccinated, I’m still wary of going into any store during peak hours. To my relief, it was pretty dead aside from a small group of people hanging around the Starbucks. This bookstore trip was something I’ve been wanting for a while now: to just hang around, find a few books, and maybe have…

How Dragon Quest XI made me bawl like a baby


It’s near the end of December 2020, I have recently lost my incredibly stressful phone job in the middle of the worst time in modern history. After coming out of what was almost a 2 month depressive haze from the aftermath, I took the copy of Dragon Quest XI S off my shelf and booted it up for the first time. Soon after the intro movie started playing, underscored by Dragon Quest’s iconic Overture, I started to sob. I didn’t know at the time why the music and visuals made me well up, but I know that when I look…


I don’t do much in the way of reviews outside the occasional shout at how much I like something on Twitter. Somehow, the fine people over at RightStuf heard my rambling and were kind enough to send over 2011’s Gundam Age for review.

Gundam Age is the multi-generational story of the Asuno Family, the titular Gundam, and the century long war they live through. Basically, what if you took the UC trilogy and crammed it into one show.

Gundam Age stood out to me as it is an entry that I rarely hear a peep about. My good friend and…


@RiderStrike He/him, they/them. Co-host of @dudeyouremember podcast. Likes bad puns, video games, old school anime, and Mega Man.

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